Heat Assessor

Minimise costs and ensure compliance with our expert network assessments

The Heat Network Metering and Billing Regulation amendments in November 2020 require all heat network operators – including housing providers – to assess all their homes on a heat network to see if they require individual meters to be installed. In order to remain compliant, a detailed assessment needs to be completed by the end of November 2021.

Working with housing providers across the UK, Chirpy Heat has developed a simple, independent and cost-effective way of carrying out the assessments that will ensure that you remain compliant and minimise the costs of installing any new meters.

We offer a simple, three stage process to help housing providers through the assessment process:

  • Data and information review to identify which version of the assessment tool to use
  • Data gathering including site visits where required to gather any missing data
  • Complete the assessment tool on your behalf, providing an auditable evidence trail


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