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Are you regulation ready?

Jul 21, 2022

Have you got your heat network compliance shopping list ready? Ofgem will soon become the regulator and with their backing of the potential for unlimited fines for non-compliance, now is the time to put that list together.

Have you:

  • Got a Vulnerable Customer policy in place?
  • Got a Debt policy and procedure for heat networks?
  • Reviewed your heat tariffs, ensuring they are fair and transparent should a customer request a breakdown?
  • Got a complaint handling procedure in place for heat network customers?
  • Established a compensation policy for heat network service failures?
  • Created a Heat Supply Agreement for new residents moving in?
  • Completed all your cost-effectiveness assessments for relevant unmetered schemes to deem whether it is financially feasible to install individual metering?
  • Completed OPSS notifications at the required dates, in line with current regulations?
  • Developed clear repairs and maintenance KPIs and SLAs with internal teams or relevant third-party contractors, resolving issues in the timeframe expected?

Use this as your regulation ready reckoner and take the time now to make a plan. Begin by focusing on the existing regulations but put customer communications at the heart of what you do – it will be focus for the new regulations. The next 18 – 24 months are pivotal in ensuring you are ready for them.

At Chirpy Heat we are helping to make compliance as simple as possible. We are here to listen, advise, guide and support. If you have questions, you’re only an email away from the solution –

Regulation is never simple. Compliance should be.