Data Services

Putting you in control

Data has a critical role to play in effective heat networks. It provides the evidence needed to improve efficiency, reduce costs and lower emissions, and is vital in setting fair and accurate tariffs. 


    Data is key to effectively managing a heat network portfolio.  Too often in the sector we see:

    • Meters not reading or operating correctly
    • Estimated and/or missing consumption data
    • Lack of good data on the type, model and location of meters
    • Contradicting information and specifications across contractors and in-house teams
    • Unclear understanding of customer vulnerabilities and support required

    Chirpy Heat’s Data Insights team helps clients across the UK to ensure that they have the information and analysis they need to deliver better heat networks.  We carry out in-depth analysis of data that identifies trends, issues and solutions for your heat networks. We have access to one of the largest heat network data sets in the UK that can help benchmark current and future performance and focus investment on the most cost-effective measures and action.  Using the power of data, we have also successfully helped clients apply for funding to improve their heat networks.


      Our services include:

      • Data Discovery: finding the gaps and identifying anomalies in your data and then using our insights to improve scheme efficiency, tariffs and contract management, as well as identifying vulnerable customers. 

       Optimisation: using heat network historical data, analysis and trends, we provide you with the actions and recommendations needed to make a real difference. 

       Compliance: we can help fast track your portfolio to compliance by:

        • Assessing your heat network portfolio and completing a cost effectiveness assessment for each unmetered scheme to determine whether it is financially feasible to install metering equipment. 
        • Reviewing entire heat network portfolios to ensure your submission to the regulator is complete and compliant 
      • Heat Manager:  a virtual heat management service that monitors data on an ongoing basis to provide the analysis and insights to keep you informed of how schemes are performing. The service gives you the trend and benchmarking data but critically translates this into the action that will deliver changes on the ground.

      Case Study

      Chirpy Heat were provided data by a client and discovered the meter readings were incomplete. The client did not have the resources to perform their own investigation across a portfolio of 15 metered networks. Instead, Chirpy Heat undertook a detailed investigation into the data provided and determined the extent of the inaccurate data for each scheme. We then examined the possible improvements that could be made should the meter read percentage improve. 

      At one scheme, only 55% of meters were reading accurately and the tariff was costing customers almost £700 more than it could if all meter readings were accurate. 

      We provided the client with a report showing which meters were not reading correctly. Using this data, the client is now able to challenge the metering and billing contractor on adherence to KPIs and task them with repairing or replacing the meters as appropriate.

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