Training Services

Giving your team the knowledge and confidence to deliver better heat networks

Chirpy Heat offers training to housing providers and other heat network operators across the entire range of our services to help explain the what, why, where, when and how of heat networks. 


    Heat networks are ever-changing – whether it’s the introduction of new technologies, responding to energy price changes, or the introduction of full regulation to the market. Organisations often find it hard to keep up to date with the skills needed to develop and manage great heat networks. 

    We can design training courses that match your needs and offer both open and in-house sessions tailored to meet your needs.  Our training courses include: 

    • Metering & Billing: how to develop a metering and billing strategy, including which meters to choose, how to set your tariff, collect money from customers and manage the whole process

    • Customer Service & Communications: what do heat network customers need to know and when? How can you offer them great customer service and what does best practice look like?

    • Technical: the technical elements that make up a heat network from the plant room to the heat delivery system, how to specify it and what can go wrong, as well as how to make sure schemes are reliably and efficiently repaired and maintained

    • Management & Data: what data can you get out of a heat network and how can it be used to run an efficient and reliable network? How can you work across the whole organisation to deliver great schemes?

    Our own heat network experience is at the heart of our training.  We bring real-life know-how to your heat network questions, with practical tips for generalists and beginners all the way through to those with more heat network dirt under their fingernails.


    Case Study

    Our client was building a new internal team to manage their heat network portfolio, bringing together people with different areas of expertise across asset management, gas contracts and finance.  Chirpy Heat listened to their needs and developed a bespoke, modular training course to help ground them in the heat network basics.  Each of the six sessions explored different aspects of heat networks from carbon and compliance, to tariffs and technical performance.  The training has since been rolled out to newer members of the team to help ensure a consistent approach across the organisation.

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