Remote cost-effective heat network management

Heat networks bring a unique set of challenges for housing providers – they can be complicated and expensive to manage and, with increasing regulation, they can also be a significant compliance risk.

Heat Manager from Chirpy Heat addresses this by providing remote cost-effective heat management for your networks.  Working with housing providers and Innovate UK, we developed Heat Manager to address the cost and complexity issues of heat networks.

Heat Manager takes the data you already have for your heat networks – for example from metering and billing, HIUs, or from other performance monitoring systems – and provides you with visibility, analysis and a proactive response.

Heat Manager:

  • Provides a health check for your heat networks
  • Proactively identifies problems
  • Supports customers in need
  • Improves efficiency and performance
  • Reduces costs and carbon
  • Identifies site visits required for repairs and maintenance
  • Reduces complaints
  • Enables transparent tariff review
  • Adds capacity to your team

Our team of data analysts will monitor your heat networks and combine all your data into short and meaningful monthly reports – helping you to focus on the critical issues for resolution. We offer two service levels which combine into a powerful and comprehensive analysis of your heat network portfolio:

  1. Heat Manager Essentials

We will monitor your heat data and provide key insights, including:

  • Identifying data gaps to assist with effective contract management
  • Analysing data trends to identify high and low users, a potential indicator of vulnerable customers
  • Assessing data for setting up accurate and transparent customer tariffs
  • Adding capacity to your team
  1. Heat Manager Core

Analysing live heat network performance data to identify system inefficiencies by:

  • Pro-actively identifying efficiency problems and creating triggered actions for repair and maintenance contractors
  • Reducing operational costs and lowering carbon emissions
  • Reducing customer complaints
  • Increasing system efficiency resulting in reduced heat tariff prices for residents
Case Study

Chirpy Heat rolled out Heat Manager at a mixed-tenure scheme, powered by gas boilers and with a non-operational combined heat and power (CHP) engine. By analysing historical and ongoing monthly data, we were able to identify:

  • Heat meters that were incorrectly installed and with missing meter readings
  • Trends in consumption, with high and low users flagged for further support
  • Carbon emissions to feed into organisational sustainability reporting
  • Whether the scheme was generating a financial surplus or loss at the end of the 12-month period
  • Performance issues across the scheme, creating triggered actions for repairs and maintenance contractors to help increase the system efficiency

Using the findings from above, the client was able to:

  • Highlight metering and billing concerns with their provider
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the heat network, which helped to give clear instructions to the repairs and maintenance contractors to enhance scheme performance
  • Have more transparent conversations with residents and to support vulnerable customers
  • Potentially extend the life cycle of heat network components through modifying plant room control strategies
  • Review heat tariffs more accurately using the data reported

Chirpy Heat now undertakes this service for the client across seven of their heat networks, allowing for the wider portfolio to flourish from the same benefits.

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