Technical Services

Analysis and insights that make sense

A well-managed heat network runs efficiently.  There are plenty of opportunities to improve technical performance throughout a network’s lifetime. Chirpy Heat provides a full range of technical services and support for new and existing heat networks to help you deliver reliable, compliant schemes that offer the best to your customers.  



    Poor technical service and standards can lead to:  

    • Poor energy efficiency meaning that your customers have to pay more for heating and hot water
    • Poor reliability meaning high levels of complaints and call outs
    • High heat losses
    • Wasted energy through flow bypasses 
    • Overheating
    • Reactive maintenance and constant outages

    Chirpy Heat supports the development and delivery of more efficient heat networks through a range of services.

    Existing homes

    • Level one efficiency reviews: analysis of existing available data to establish a priority order for system efficiency, focussing on worst performing schemes first
    • Optimisation and decarbonisation reviews: site surveys and accompanying reports with recommendations on how to optimise the scheme to improve system efficiency, and ways in which the scheme can be decarbonised in the future.  We may also be able to help you secure funding for this work.
    • Repairs and maintenance specification reviews including KPIs, Service Level Agreements and contract reviews


      New homes

      • Concept and vision: we help to set out what you and your customers need, and what a great heat network will look like for this scheme. We set the brief that works to deliver on that vision so that we can ensure that it meets your needs
      • Design and specification: we make sure that your vision and specification are communicated to the principal designer, that they know what is expected of them and then hold them to account to make sure they deliver 
      • Build and installation: we help ensure the main contractor meets your needs and meets the vision by reviewing the Design and Build packages and technical submissions, confirming roles and responsibilities, and carrying out quality and compliance checks on site
      • Commissioning and testing: we help your scheme to deliver on its design, specification and performance through a comprehensive testing and commissioning process 
      • Management and maintenance: we engage early with the maintenance contractor to make sure they understand the system, agree an effective maintenance regime and identify any contractor training needs.


      Case study

      Many existing heat networks fall short of today’s accepted performance standards and this means they don’t deliver for clients and customers alike. Combined with limited funds available to make any meaningful improvements, the challenge is to make investments in the best way possible.

      To deliver this we produce a long-term efficiency strategy with quick wins based on three key areas:

      1. Initial Assessment

      • Conduct desktop heat network efficiency surveys which rates the schemes efficiency
      • This identifies the main issues and ensures the best survey type is chosen that delivers the highest efficiency gains

      2. Immediate impact with a long-term strategy

      • We plan the heat network surveys focussing on the schemes with the worst efficiency being surveyed immediately
      • The remainder are then planned over the next eighteen months and always surveying the ‘worst first’

      3. Action based on evidence

      • The surveys identify quick efficiency wins with costed proposals so that action is focussed on delivering immediate impact on efficiency and energy bills

      We have recently completed this process with another client, and this has provided focus and clarity on identifying the best way to proceed. This has enabled them to have a long-term strategy and a process in place that enables them to get control over the efficiency of their heat network portfolio. This process also provides guidance on budgeting for the surveys and improvements that deliver for them and customers today and for years to come.

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