Metering and Billing

Getting metering and billing right

Metering and billing is critical to ensuring heat networks are managed effectively. Current and future regulations, including the Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations, require your organisation to get it right.

Chirpy Heat can provide the expertise you need to assess your current processes and get the right management, specification and suppliers in place, helping you to reduce costs and stay on the right side of compliance.

Many housing providers find that metering and billing issues can be complex and challenging to resolve. They face challenges such as:

  • Different contractors and technologies across the portfolio, increasing cost and the need for resources
  • Contracts that are not fit for purpose, or are not targeted to ensure the contractor provides the service your organisation requires for its customers
  • Roles and responsibilities are not defined, with the contractor not providing a proactive service
  • Data accuracy is difficult to determine, with various meters not providing readings and missing data issues not being resolved

Chirpy Heat can support you to:

  • Identify the right metering and billing approach for your organisation, and provide a strategy and roadmap to implement
  • Simplify the procurement process and ensure you have choice and control over who you appoint
  • Ensure relevant KPIs and customer service expectations are included in metering and billing contracts
  • Keep you engaged with market changes that can improve the metering and billing experience for you and your customers
Case Study

Chirpy Heat worked with a large housing association to provide a heat network management strategy for metering and billing. This strategy included:

  • A review of the various approaches to metering and billing, based on organisational management drivers
  • A recommended approach to best suit the requirements of our client
  • An implementation strategy for the recommended approach
  • Procuring a metering and billing provider through a competitive tender
  • Implementing the identified strategy through the creation of action plans, specifications, scopes of works and job descriptions

The strategic approach was identified and implemented in a timely and efficient manner by Chirpy Heat, significantly lowering the need for our client’s own resource while providing the right strategy to best serve our client and their customers.

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