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Building heat networks that deliver for landlords and customers

We believe that heat networks should be built so they deliver cost-effective long-term management and provide low cost, low carbon and reliable heating for residents. Too often they don’t.  The key to great heat networks is to bring long term management together with design, development and commissioning. This end-to-end approach to new homes we call Uniti.  Uniti ensures heat network development is done the right way. For you, for your customers, for the future.


Whatever stage of development you are at, through Uniti we can help you get your heat network right. We bring all the complex elements of heat network development together and make it as simple possible.



Heat networks that are poorly designed, developed and commissioned today become the management and cost challenges of the future. This can mean high costs for management companies, housing providers and customers, poor service reliability and high levels of customer complaints.  The typical symptoms of a poor performing heat network are:

  • Poor energy efficiency meaning that you have to pay more for heating and hot water
  • Large energy bills for you and your customers
  • Poor reliability meaning high levels of complaints and call outs
  • High heat losses
  • Wasted energy through constant flow bypasses 
  • Overheating
  • Reactive maintenance and constant outages

Uniti Heat provides a simple yet robust, step-by-step process to make heat deliver for you and your customers:

  • Concept and vision: we help to set out what you and your customers need, and what a great heat network will look like for this scheme. We set the brief that works to deliver on that vision so that we can ensure that it meets your needs
  • Design and specification: we make sure that your vision and specification are communicated to the principal designer, that they know what is expected of them and then hold them to account to make sure they deliver

  • Build and installation: we help ensure the main contractor meets your needs and meets the vision by reviewing the Design and Build packages and technical submissions, confirming roles and responsibilities, and carrying out quality and compliance checks on site

  • Commissioning and testing: we help your scheme to deliver on its design, specification and performance through a comprehensive testing and commissioning process

  • Management and maintenance: we engage early with the maintenance contractor to make sure they understand the system, agree an effective maintenance regime and identify any contractor training needs

Though Uniti we make sure your heat networks are designed and delivered the right way. This means that they will be easier and lower cost to manage, are compliant with regulations and above all that your customers will have lower cost, reliable heating and hot water


Case study

We recently worked with a client to help ensure their new development delivered for them and their customers. A key part of this is acceptance testing – this is an investment in the long-term sustainability of a scheme, which can sometimes be lost in the rush for practical completion and handover.

 We worked closely with our client to create the optimal test procedure that met with their requirements and the standards set out in CIBSE’s Code of Practice for Heat Networks CP1 2020. We engaged with all of the parties involved so that everyone understood the client’s needs at handover.

We quality assured the heating system against the specification requirements and raised any issues that fell short of the specification and our test parameters. We highlighted actions required from the main contractor to remedy any issues to receive final sign-off.

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