Heat Network Funding: HNES

The Heat Network Efficiency Scheme (HNES)

The Heat Network Efficiency Scheme (HNES) can provide up to 100% of external funding for improving your heat networks that can deliver significant savings for you and your customers.

In the last round this added up to £4m across the sector and Chirpy secured funding for clients across the country and generated nearly £1m in customer savings. The next round is due to be launched in the coming weeks but to take advantage of this and secure funding it’s important to prepare now for when the round opens. Here are some of the things to get ready: 

  • Create a list of all your metered and unmetered heat networks
  • Calculate each metered scheme’s system efficiency and benchmark plant room consumption for unmetered heat networks
  • Establish a ranking from best to worst for all your heat networks
  • Save in safe place for when the bid window opens!

We can help you with all of this and every aspect of funding – from building the information you need, to writing your bid and helping to deliver when you are successful. 

The four-year programme will see £30m of investment in legacy heat networks that are sorely in need of improvement: efficient schemes mean less energy, less carbon and lower costs for both landlords and their residents. 


    Drop us a line if you want to know how you can access funding to improve your heat networks.