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Our heat network optimisation service has been short listed!

Jan 17, 2023

Understanding efficiency is crucial to effective heat network management. Low efficiency pushes up costs for you and your customers and can shorten the asset lifetime. It is crucial to unlocking their full potential of delivering low cost, low carbon heating and hot water. 

For customers living on a heat network running at 50% efficiency will be paying £840/year for their heat and hot water, compared to a heat network running at 30% efficiency where the bill would be £1400/year (based on typical 4000 kWh and £0.10p/kWh gas price)

This was the driving force behind the creation of the Chirpy Heat optimisation service – and we’re proud that the project we delivered for The Hyde Group was shortlisted in the National Housing Maintenance Forum Awards 2023 for the Best Net Zero Carbon Initiative.

Here’s the video we made with Hyde –

Diana Lock, Energy and Sustainability Manager at The Hyde Group, said

“Chirpy Heat were thorough and provided us with focused, invaluable and most importantly, achievable insights into our heat network and where improvements could be made. With so many people already living on heat networks in the UK, optimising these is essential. This optimisation study helps us address one of the biggest challenges we faced and have been rolling this out across our portfolio.”

We have now delivered our optimisation service for housing providers across the UK, achieving potential 20-year cost savings of almost £900,000 and lowering carbon emissions by almost 3700 tonnes across the same period.

It has underlined the key role of optimisation for heat networks and will play a vital role in supporting the delivery of lower carbon emmissions.

What’s more we can now help housing providers secure funding to help support optimisation studies through the Heat Network Efficiency Scheme.

Do drop us a line to to discuss how we can help you deliver better, lower cost heat networks for your organisation and customers.