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Industry recognition for Chirpy Heat’s Heat Manager – making heat network management easier better and lower cost

Jan 20, 2023

The National Housing Maintenance Forum Awards are the sector’s annual celebration of innovation, this year focusing on net zero carbon and customer impact.

We’re delighted that our Heat Manager service has been shortlisted for the Most Innovative Property Service category for our work with Octavia Housing.

Heat Manager is a unique service providing housing portfolio managers with a virtual heat manager for their heat networks. Heat networks are complex and interlink with numerous departments within organisations, creating management headaches. Heat Manager brings all the heat network data and analysis together to deliver improved management outcomes and reduced management costs.

For a 115-unit communal heating block, Heat Manager identified:

  • 250,000 kWh consumption savings in plant rooms per year
  • £30,500 savings in plant room energy bills per year
  • 45,500 kg CO2e avoided through plant room energy savings per year
  • Reduced staff management time that equates to 0.3 FTE savings per annum
  • £172,500 in capital costs avoided by extending HIU life cycles
  • 20% reduction in resident heat tariff rates

Joselyne Aroda, Octavia’s Energy Officer, explains:

“Octavia used to have missing data, too much data, not really sure how it all connected, what it meant and where to begin. All the while customer complaints were coming in, there was overheating in corridors and no clarity on whether we were recouping our financial expenditure for schemes, we were lost out at sea… eat Manager has provided us with heat network transparency, allowing Octavia to shift from a reactive to proactive approach when it comes to protecting our customers. We can now hold our service providers accountable and ensure that we and our customers receive the standard of service we deserve.”

Heat Manager bridges the data gap between service providers and heat network operators, and creates a cost-effective way to reduce that challenge. 

We’ve made a short video with Octavia to explain the work we’ve done with them, which you can view right here!

If you’d like to discuss how Heat Manager can support you, drop us a line at