Understand your organisation's compliance position quickly

Your free Regulation and Compliance Insight report

To help housing and heat network organisations to quickly understand their current position and what will be required of them, Chirpy Heat has created the Regulation and Compliance Insight© report.

By answering some key questions, this will give you and your team a clear picture on your regulatory position and to help shape your action plan going forward.

 In addition, if headline company turnover can be input into the questionnaire the report will also provide analysis on the scale of your heat network operations including costs and financial risk.

The assessment should take you about 10 minutes to complete – just click the button below to start.  We’ll then analyse your information and send your Regulation and Compliance Insight report within a few days. 


The Regulation and Compliance Report has been developed using the Chirpy Heat Regulation Insight Tool© and Your Energy Business Calculator©. The tools enable us to assess your current compliance progress throughout your organization. The tool and calculator have been developed by the team at Chirpy Heat and uses one of the largest data sets on housing and heat networks in the UK.  It also draws upon our leading knowledge on current and future regulation and the work we have done with clients across the UK that represent over 20% of the UK’s heat networks.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The data provided will be used to create your Regulation and Compliance Insights and Analysis Report.
  2. Any assumptions or estimations made due to lack of, or incorrect data, have been created to the best of the Chirpy Heats knowledge, and therefore may not be an exact reflection of true data.
  3. By submitting the data, you are agreeing to Chirpy Heat contacting you.
  4. The data provided may be used in aggregated and anonymised form to create statistical analyses and utilize artificial intelligence and/or machine learning capabilities.



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