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Sharing insights on heat networks in social housing: A ‘Lunch and Learn’ experience

Aug 16, 2023

Josh Davis, Chirpy Heat

I was honoured to be invited to present at a recent ‘Lunch and Learn’ event organised by PA Consulting. I had the opportunity to delve into the fascinating realm of heat networks in the UK, shedding light on both the promises they hold and the real-world challenges of managing them within the social housing sector.

The event kicked off with a deep dive into the immense potential of heat networks. It’s great to share how these networks serve as a beacon of sustainable energy solutions, leveraging waste heat sources to provide cost-effective heating to multiple customers and buildings. With environmental concerns at the forefront, heat networks offer an ingenious way to reduce carbon footprints, promote energy efficiency, and address energy poverty in our communities.

That being said, my presentation wasn’t just about the rosy promises; it also highlighted the practicalities and challenges of managing heat networks, especially within the social housing context. From system design intricacies to the crucial role of regulation, the landscape is complex. Ensuring consistent heat supply, managing costs, and troubleshooting technical issues demand a holistic approach. Moreover, engaging with residents, social housing landlords, local authorities and stakeholders emerges as a vital element in cultivating trust and acceptance of heat networks.

Heat networks are an ongoing endeavour. The interplay between innovation and reality demands an open dialogue, collaborative efforts, and continuous adaptation. The experience of presenting to a diverse audience, eager to explore the intersections of technology, sustainability, and community, was incredibly rewarding.

Thanks to Sam Taylor-Woods and PA Consulting for orchestrating a platform that fosters meaningful conversations. Sam said “it was a privilege to have a Heat Network expert like Josh present at our monthly Energy & Utilities Knowledge Sharing series. He shared his experiences working in the sector and provoked a rich discussion on the opportunities, and challenges, the UK faces to ensure Heat Networks are a key enabler of the Energy Transition”.

Events like these remind us that progress is a collaborative journey and that our shared pursuit of a greener, more sustainable future is within reach.

Disclaimer: This blog reflects Chirpy Heat’s own personal views and not those of PA Consulting.