Simply better heat networks

Chirpy Heat are experts in heat networks.  Our knowledge will ensure that your heat networks are compliant, cost effective and easier to manage.

We are an independent and impartial advisor to heat network operators aiming to deliver great heat networks, particularly for social housing providers. 

Our job is to help to create heat networks that live up to their potential of providing low cost, low carbon and reliable heating for you and your customers.

We provide a full range of services for heat networks, from the plant room to the Boardroom. Whether it is customer complaints, compliance, technical or financial issues, Chirpy Heat can help.

Our Approach


Our primary aim is to understand your challenges and objectives to create the route map to better heat networks. Our analysis will identify your current position including the scale and opportunities that you have in your portfolio.

We will map out in detail every aspect including compliance, customer service, cost, carbon, data, resources, development and how you can quickly move forward. We will provide you with a clear and straightforward assessment of where your heat networks are and how they can be improved.


We will provide the solutions to the immediate issues that you and your team are dealing with. This will provide you with best in-sector solutions that will reduce the management time and resources that are being used to fire fight issues, reducing those heat network headaches for your organisation and customers.

We will then create a bespoke set of solutions, services and journey to deliver better heat networks that deliver affordable, low carbon and reliable services for you and your customers.


We will create a comprehensive plan for better heat networks, that will deliver for your customers and your team. We will build your long-term strategy that encapsulates all aspects of your heat networks including costs, optimisation, compliance, contractors, and customers.

We will provide you with a clear understanding of the costs and savings in your portfolio so that you can make the informed business decisions on creating better heat networks.


Creating better heat networks takes time and intelligence to deliver. Building on the foundations of tackling immediate issues, creating the strategy and business case, we will create a delivery programme that is affordable, achievable and will ensure that heat networks meet the high standards expected across your portfolio.

We will ensure that the progress made becomes part of everyday management and heat networks deliver on their promise of low cost, low carbon and reliable heating for you and your customers.