Heat network operation and maintenance for the supply chain

Audience: Supply chain (M&E contractors, heating contractors, building services engineers)

Course objectives

Heat Networks are complex and present a technical challenge, but above all they are a management challenge. Chirpy Heat training brings together these two elements so that technical and management teams can understand each other and create a common language so together they are able to make heat networks better.

This course will enable the supply chain to meet the challenges and opportunities in the sector and to help clients deliver better heat networks. It will provide best practice knowledge to operate and maintain heat networks more effectively and help to maximise the benefits of client investment in networks.


Heat network operation and maintenance for the supply chain will help you to understand:

  • The key components of a heat network
  • Good heat network design
  • What can go wrong, how to spot it and what to do about it
  • How to deliver efficient heat networks through data, effective repairs and maintenance, the use of key performance indicators and through metering
  • Elements of performance and optimisation
    • Overall network
    • Energy centre
    • Distribution system
    • Building connections and HIUs
    • Customer supply / Heat Trust
  • How to work wiht your heat network client: what they’ll ask, what they expect, what they’ll be looking for, what KPIs they might set for you
  • Essentials of:
    • Heat network feasibility – heat demands, technologies, operating tempertures, business case
    • Heat network construction/expansion
    • Metering and billing – regulation, basics of strategies

The training session will enable you to enable you to deliver better heat networks and operate and maintain them more effectively, improving the quality of work in the sector and helping to maximise the benefits of client investment in networks.

The course lasts 3.5 hours

  • The training will only cost you £100+VAT, payable when you book online
  • National Housing Federation members benefit from a 50% discount
  • The £500 balance of the training cost is covered by a Government grant


What our trainees say...

“The training has been very welcomed.  The feedback I have received from colleagues is so positive and, in fact, there is a distinct change in the urgency of getting heat network ready.”

(Housing Association Client, May 2023)