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Sep 27, 2021

Introducing our newest members of Team Chirpy…

Chris D’arcy – Consultant:

“Hey, I am Chris D’arcy and I am a Consultant with Chirpy Heat. I was previously employed at Southern Housing Group where I managed over 1500 communal utility supplies and 54 heat networks before I decided to take the jump into consultancy. Heat network consultancy is a crucial component as the industry grows, and I am proud to be a part of this with a company that has such passion for heat decarbonisation. I started my career as an Insurance Salesperson, and it was an interesting road from there to here. I have great passion for the mission of lowering emissions. I hope to bring my expertise and drive to Chirpy Heat to support housing providers in the journey to tackling climate change.”

Josh Davis – Consultant:

“Hi, I am Josh Davis and I have joined Chirpy Heat as a Heat Network Consultant. I’m excited to roll my sleeves up and get involved with ongoing/ future projects. I previously worked at One Manchester, a social housing provider, as their Heat Metering and Billing Co-ordinator. I managed all internal and external queries relating to Heat Metering and Billing, was the main point of contact regarding all communal gas, electric and water supplies, produced financial expenditure reports and ensured we were compliant with current/ future regulations. Prior to working at One Manchester, I was a customer service specialist at EON in the Smart Centre of Excellence department. During this role I dealt with various queries, logged/ resolved complaints, set-up suitable payment arrangements, agreed debt recovery plans, signed customers up to new/ existing tariffs, generated sales leads and offered energy efficiency advice. I’m now hoping to bring all that experience to Chirpy Heat, so we can help the sector ease their Heat Network headaches!”

Lisa Dubinina – Project Officer:

“Hi, my name is Lisa! I moved to the UK from cold Siberia in 2016 and a year after I discovered the world of electricity. My first ever job in the UK was for one of the big 6 gas and electricity suppliers where I started learning about the industry. This then led me to hearing conversations and getting information about renewable energy and the impact it can make on the ecology. I spent 3.5 years in the industry and the vibe of sustainability and working towards a better environment fascinated me. I always wanted to be involved in one way or another. The idea of wanting to make a good impact on the world never left me, it was always in my heart. I believe that we attract what we wish for and one day I came across Chirpy Heat! The company which helps Heat Network operators to make their networks more efficient which consequently triggers lower carbon emissions with its wise use of heat and at the same time helps to keep homes warm at a lower cost! I knew that joining the team is my opportunity to get involved in something that makes our world a better place. Chirpy guys are all about sustainability and ecology and I feel like I am finally in the right shoes.“

Lucy – Office Manager:

“Hi, I’m Lucy. I am delighted to have recently joined Chirpy Heat as Office Manager. I have a passion for wildlife and conservation and working for Chirpy Heat gives me more opportunity to “do my bit”. My career started in planning for two big high street companies. More recently, I have worked with smaller consultancies, helping with anything ‘day-to-day’, leaving more time for the team to concentrate on what really matters – the client!”